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Welcome to Maddy’s Curious Universe!

Welcome readers, to my virtual playground!

It’s a place where I create, without the hoo-hah and pressure of creating the perfect insta photo or gaining more likes and followers, but keeping things real in my way, imperfectly human, humble and simply fun.

Here you will find my Uplit stories about the ordinary heroes of the world, all set in Australian suburbia. My marvellous misfits find their inner magic in the most unexpected ways, with just a sprinkle of elf magic! All in my very own virtual bookshop!

Check out my blog  and take a glimpse into my world, find free Christmas stories as well as some favourite crafts & recipes with produce from my garden and cute crochet patterns. I love making something out of nothing, as my old Mum would say— it’s how we had fun! Keep your eye out for my unique whimsical crochet creations which will be for sale in the shop  and some gorgeously cute pieces in Art by Max too – Coming soon!

Also, a huge Welcome to a good friend of mine, Kelvin (who turned up in Smorgasbord). Due to popular demand, and his persistant nagging, he has joined us in the MCU with his very own page! Thanks to the magical Elves at Beardbot, we have transposed his old blog over to the MCU! He’ll be posting —in his words— kind and simple thoughts and some of his special appearances on Mim and Nige’s radio show at MBFM in the Mullet. Check it out!

As those who have subscribed know, social media is NOT my forte. I prefer sending email and my webpage. Frankly, by the time I learn how to drive the bus on the various social media platforms, I lose way too many hours of precious writing and creating time. I’d much rather take my bat & ball and play on my own site.

So, if you have any queries, I check the emails regularly and will do my best to respond as quickly as I can. Email me:

And please do subscribe to the mailing list for story updates, what’s new in the shop and exclusive surprises along the way! All of my stories to date are available in Maddy’s Books. Heartfelt thanks to my Max for such wonderful illustrations and to the team at Beardbot for this fantastic playground for me to connect with you all.

So, dear reader, stop in and stay awhile … and I hope you enjoy the stories.

Maddy x
Maddy’s Curious Universe – Head dreamer
Santa’s Global Enterprises – Chief Elf

Kelvin’s Kindlounge joins the MCU!

A snapshot of Kelvin’s mind

Lavender Wands

Make some Lavender Wands! Spring has sprung!

Apart from the hay fever, it’s lovely to see the garden beginning to bloom again after a long winter. Time to sit in the gentle sunshine and make Lavender Wands!…

Lavender, Lemon & Mandarin Infused Vinegar

Lavender, Lemon & Mandarin Infused Vinegar

Hiya all, Thought I would share my quick and easy recipe for Infused vinegars with you. They are cheap, take very little effort to make and look fantastic on the…

Mums favourite books

Maddy’s Books icon stack & What three books would I bring if stranded on a desert island?

Hiya all, One of my new readers emailed me the other day, asking what are the books in Maddy’s Books icon and to name three books I would want with…

Crochet hugs

Crochet Pocket Hug Pattern!

Looking for an easy free crochet pattern perfect for creating a random act of crochet kindness? Here’s my pattern for a heartwarming Pocket Hug! These cute little hugs are great…

Bluebird brooch in Smorgasbord by Mrs Mac - crochet by Maddy Newman

Whimsical crochet creations … coming soon to the shop!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my Crazy Cupcakes and the beautiful Bluebird of Happiness brooch, which was made by Mrs Mac in Smorgasbord. These are just two of…

My three words - 2023

Merry New Year!

new years resolution, three words to focus on.

Christmas Ham is the best!

Hi readers, I wanted to share my Christmas Ham recipe with you. The photo is dreadful, but you’ll get the idea!!! Tradition in my house is to cook the ham…

Christmas puddo - knitted by Granny Lucy

It’s Christmas Eve at the Mullet! Read now: How Sparklefarts Saved Christmas!

Merry holiday season, dear readers! It’s been too long since I have posted, and frankly, I am out of practice! The year has flown by! This year’s freebie Christmas story,…

Bluebird of Happiness by Max Creed

Merry New Year

Hello readers, People have all sorts of traditions around New Year. Here are a couple of things I like to do from my desk, to see the old year off…

Nick Cave – on the subject of creative droughts:

“Turn up at the desk.”



Max – Daughter on the subject of helping Mum’s creative droughts:

“Dad & I are already at the desk, Mum.”