A taste of Smorgasbord … hungry?

Yay! Smorgasbord, my new novella, is here! An all you can read Smorgasbord!

Smorgasbord cover
Smorgasbord by Maddy Newman. Cover by Mackenzie Creed ©2020

Meet Violet Halfpenny … she is on a quest to save her soul. She just doesn’t know it yet!

The inspiration for this story came from my love of watching Masterchef, texting madly with my wonderful Pattipie, and also my time working in a place I fondly referred to as the Borg cube.

It was such fun to write Violets’ story. She’s funny and sassy, confused and a little bit wrong at times, but has a heart of gold. Her best mate, Betty, was a pure joy to write – as Max said, “This story is a Betty in itself”. I was especially surprised when Kelvin strolled into the background – you will see more of him in the Mullet. He even has a blog!

We bump into some dear old friends as well, but I will let you find that out for yourselves … I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Read more about Smorgasbord in Maddys books! Available now in my shop! Yay!

Happy reading!

Maddy x