Be the happy beachball

First published on Blogger 25.3.21

Hello, my good friends! 

I nearly forgot all about the blog! But then I remembered! It’s funny how it happened…

My good friend Marvin and I were sitting on the beach the other night having a feed of fish and chips, and a beachball rolled straight past us, scattering the seagulls dining with us, and bounced on down to the sea, bobbing around on the gentle waves. 

I said to Marvin:

    ‘Hey! It’s the lost beachball!’

Marvin said: 

    ‘Doesn’t look lost to me. It looks happy.’ 

I looked at the beach ball again.  It wasn’t lost, after all, just floating along its merry way. And it was smiling at us. 

Then I remembered about writing out the lost podcasts!

Luckily, my good friend at MBFM, Mim, had transcribed some of our chats for a friend who can not hear so well. Mim kindly said to use them on the blog, and so we will. She’s a good egg, that Mim. To be frank, I was a little worried about trying to remember what I said… 

The beginning is in the end, and the end is in the beginning. Let yourself drift peacefully in the circle of time, like seaweed dancing in the ocean. Float along to wherever the tide may take you. Like a jellyfish. Or a lost beachball.

~transcript taken from Kelvin’s Kindlounge segment on MBFM.

Be the happy beachball.

With Kindness,