Clear out your mind … Simplify.

First published on Blogger 1.3.21

Hello friends! 

Here is another snippet below from Mim’s transcript of the podcast.

I remember this podcast episode – it was the day I lost my wallet. I knew I had to get to the station, but I could not leave the house until I looked everywhere for it, but it was nowhere. 

The more I looked, the more I stressed. Me! Imagine! So, I was running late for the show, my car needed petrol I had meant to get, my pushbike had a puncture I had meant to fix, I had run out of dog food, I wanted to get a schnitzel for lunch at the pub after the show. And Kev gave me a hot tip on the fourth at the track. I needed to find my wallet so I could do all of the above.  

I said to myself: Kelvin. STOP. Clear out your mind … Simplify. 

Then I remembered I cleaned out my wallet the night before on the front verandah. Sure enough, there it was! Safe and sound. 

Your environment is a direct reflection of your mind. As you tidy up your possessions, you tidy up your mind. Start with a small task; a kitchen drawer, or your wallet. Clean out all the crap and feel the results for yourself. Lighten your mind. Simplify.

Providence ordains that you will feel lighter of heart as you let go of what you no longer need and allow room for new treasures to find their way to you. Enjoy the process. Make it fun…

~transcript taken from Kelvin’s Kindlounge segment on MBFM.

 As my good friend Frank said to me just yesterday; You are a very simple man, Kelvin.

With Kindness,