Crochet Pocket Hug Pattern!

Looking for an easy free crochet pattern perfect for creating a random act of crochet kindness?

Here’s my pattern for a heartwarming Pocket Hug! These cute little hugs are great fun to crochet and make sweet little gifts for all occasions. A great yarn stash-buster, too!

You can even add a drop or two of essential oil or a spritz of perfume.

Crochet hugs
Sweet little crochet hug, great for RAOCK. Makes a great little pressie!

I think dear Mrs Mac, who we met in The Fish Shack, would leave many of these around her neighbourhood!

Have fun & enjoy your hugs!


Crochet Pocket Hug

An easy pattern just right for a Random Act of Crochet Kindness!
Keyword: crochet, easy, free pattern crochet pocket hug, random act of crochet kindness, stash-buster
Yield: 1 hug
Author: Maddy Newman
Cost: 10 cents


  • Scraps of yarn
  • Crochet hook My preferred size is 4mm, but you can use any size. Dimensions of finished hug will vary with different hook sizes and yarn ply.


  • Abbreviations:
    mr – magic ring ( also called magic circle)
    ch – chain stitch
    st – stitch
    sc – single crochet
    hdc – half double crochet
    sl st – slip stitch
    inc – increase stitch
    I make a chain stitch at the start of each row not counted as stitch 1 & slip stitch into the top of the first stitch of each row to join for a neat circle.
  • Back of Hug – incl arms – main colour
    Make mr
    R1: ch1, 12 HDC into mr
    R2: ch1, 2HDC ea st, sl st
    R3: ch 1, sc 1, chain 7, working back down the chain, sc into 2nd chain from hook to make hand, then sl st with an easy tension in next 5 sts back down chain, in next sl st through both front loops (the starting sc st), then continue to sl st in next 11 sts around to opposite side halfway point, sc 1, chain 7, sc 1 into 2nd ch from hook, sl st in next 5 sts back to starting ch, sl st through both loops of next st, continue sl st in next 11 sts back to starting arm point.
    Fasten off, leaving 30cm tail for sewing. Pull centre tail gently to tighten to shape.
  • Front of Hug: – main colour
    Make mr
    R1: 12 hdc into ring
    R2: ch 1, 2 hdc ea st
    Fasten off, leaving 20cm tail. Pull centre tail gently to tighten to shape.
  • Heart for front of hug: choose contrast colour
    Make mr – work straight into the ring: ch 2, 3 hdc, 3s c, ch, hdc, ch, 3 sc, 3 hdc, ch 2, sl st into ring.
    Fasten off, leave 20cm tail, pull tail to gently tighten to shape. I sew the long tail through the centre and back through last stitch to secure heart shape, then sew centre tail through front piece centre as an anchor point and tie both centre tails together to secure, position heart in place ensuring outer join is on side ( this is where arms will be and will cover join) then make a couple of small stitches through to back to secure in place. Sew heart to front hug with long heart tail, neatening edges.
    If you want to embellish your heart, now is the best time to do. Sew a contrast colour around edges, add a little flower in the centre of the heart, or a tiny heart in a contrast colour or metallic yarn.
    Tiny heart: change to a 2mm hook.
    Make mr – work straight into the ring: ch 1 , hdc 2, sc 2, ch 1, hdc, ch 1, sc 2, ch 1, sc 2, hdc 2, ch1 into ring.
    Tiny flower: with 2mm hook
    Make mr – work straight into the ring: ch1, *sc, ch1* repeat 5 more times. Fasten off and sew to centre of heart. Sew a couple of green stitches for leaves around flower.*
  • Finish:
    Sew front of hug to back piece with right sides facing out and sew the centre tail of the front heart through the centre of the front piece to anchor, spin heart into position with arms on side across horizontal centre. I coil the short tails of the pieces as light stuffing on the inside of the hug pieces, use the long outer tails to sew the outer edges together with ladder stitch through the edge, then sew along the centre of the arms starting at the hands on the heart edge, hugging the heart, through the joined piece. If the arms are not centre, once the hands are in place, you can stitch the rest of the arm into position, shaping as you go. Weave in all ends and you're done! Enjoy your heart!
    *You can also embellish with beads & charms or buttons.
    Let your imagination run wild and send your hugs out to the world!


Experiment with a crochet hook size that you like, my preferred is a 4mm hook for this project.  My Hugs measure 4-5 cm in diameter, depending on what ply of yarn is used.
I use US stitch terms in my patterns.