Happy 2024! My three words for this year are…

Hi, dear Readers!

Firstly, Happy New Year! May 2024 be a good year for us all!

I was so busy in December that I didn’t have a chance to post on the blog, best-laid plans, etc. Work, shop orders & Xmas took over somewhat! This year, I will aim to be more organised to start the Christmas Orders earlier, but I was so excited to finally launch the Crochet creations on the webshop that I kinda forgot that handmade items take time to create!

Anyways, as always, I start the year with my three words to inspire and guide me throughout. This year, I have chosen my words simply, mostly to remind myself to keep things real, not live virtually and to have fun. I spent many months getting my website shop happening last year and also posting when I could to Insta (& face-smace by default), and I remembered why I avoid too much time on social media. For me, the real world is where I want to spend my playtime, creating tactile things, not glued to a screen scrolling through & forgetting to actually do things that make me happiest.

To Play. To Write & play in my characters’ worlds. To crochet sweet & fun pieces & make folk smile. To garden, to cook, to decorate, to read, to organise, to write lists & tick things off, to watch my geek shows, to buy more fairy lights & to make things just that little bit better with a sprinkle of glitter.

To Create. To make something out of nothing has always been fun for me, instilled in my soul by my dear Mum. I intend to enjoy the journey of making each project I work on this year, instead of stressing out about getting it finished! It’s not a race, it’s supposed to be fun!!!

And so, to the creative projects …

To write & continue creating the story of Tales from the Mullet. I honestly haven’t written anything for months, as all of my brain space after work evaporated in creating the webshop and Crochet pieces for the majority of last year. But this year, the shop is up & running, so my intention is to get back to the desk & make a writing routine and get the work done! Stay tuned, the Mullet is coming!!!

To print The Collection of all of the stories so far. Again, this project was pushed to the back burner as I spent time working on the shop so I could supply it to you myself & not be reliant on anyone else’s virtual platform & be in control of my own sales.

To Crochet & add to my whimsical creations. I am working on a new range called Jellies – little crochet Jellybabies with hats! My crochet is like meditation for me. Soothes my soul & justifies the hours I spend watching my geek shows as I am making things & being productive!

& of course, Home. Creating craft projects to add to the splendiferous decor, making the shack home … & hiding the cracks in the walls.

Glow. Enjoy the warm fuzzy feel I get from all of the above, like Christmas lights twinkling in candlelight.

Happy 2024! May you find joy and happiness in the simple things.

With love & kindness,

Maddy x