It’s May. Really? How?? Oh, & who won giveaway 2 & 3?

Sinkful of dishes - kelvins  kindlounge

Hello, dear readers!

I have no idea where time goes sometimes. Work, family, household chores – life, I guess. It’s a good thing to be busy living life and doing things in the real world rather than losing oneself in the virtual world, isn’t it? Ah, but isn’t the virtual world where an author connects with the readers these days where an author MUST be present and engaged? Yes, but that said, one still seems to completely forget that one has a blog, Instagram and lovely Subscribers, often thinking that one has already sent all of the info to all of the people, but one hasn’t, for months. That would be called being distracted, even though I have lists upon lists upon lists telling me to do the communication things! Perhaps I need a list of all of the lists? Or maybe just do it? So, here we are. I shall endeavour to start the communication bus, once again, but where to start?

As my mate Kelvin said to me: How do you do a sinkful of dishes? One dish at a time. I sent him a photo of my sink. It’s called Challenge & indeed most days it is!

Let’s go back in time with a very belated blog post to announce the winners of weeks 2 & 3 of the competition I held BEFORE XMAS. I had made an Insta post and subscriber emails, but totally missed the blog! Ooooooooops.

So, belated warm congrats to week 2’s winner of the Cheerful Cherries brooch & a Hug from Mrs Mac pack, JoAnne! Bravo, dear JoAnne, who is a creative, cheerful cherry herself! If you haven’t seen the series Tiny Oz on ABC yet, go have a look on iview. I loved it all! Bring on Season 2, I say! The competition question was: What is the name of Mrs Mac’s cat? Answer: Mr Tibbles! Thanks to all who entered (especially loved the answer of “Master”. I am sure Mr Tibbles would agree! Bahahahaha!!).

And now to the giveaway for week 3, the lovely Fiona, who always has a kind word for my stories & crochet, and it is greatly appreciated! Fiona received a Christmas Pudding clipholder with a matching Puddo ornament and some Maddy’s Books Post-it Notes featuring my favourite books icon Max created for me. Oh, and a copy of How Sparklefarts Saved Christmas! The Question for this prize was: What is the name of Frank’s dog? Answer: Lucky! Again, thanks to all who entered the comp. We’ll run another lot of giveaways later in the year.

So, now for an update on the print copy of A Collection of Short Stories. Hoping for a Winter release, folks! Just in time to get cosy on the couch under a granny rug with a snack and a cuppa and meet our old friends once again. There is something to be said about holding a book in your hands and reading as opposed to the screens we have all been indoctrinated to use nowadays. I am looking forward to Holovids myself – see one of my favourite quotes from Doctor Who below … And as my mate, Kelvin said to me, “It’ll happen when it happens!”

And now I go back to the world of the Mullet. I am well and truly over halfway through the work. If all goes well with the writing, maybe I can manage a quick Christmas tale, too. I am also working on a couple of new lines for the shop, including a cute little crocheted Jellybaby doll for the little folk and some more Christmas bits and bobs. I will post, blog, and email about that soon!

Until next time, love & kindness,

Maddy x

Books! People never really stop loving books. 51ST Century. By now, you’ve got Holovids, Direct-To-Brain downloads, Fiction Mist. But you need the smell. The smell of books, Donna. Deep Breath!