Kelvin’s Kindlounge joins the MCU!

A snapshot of Kelvin’s mind

Welcome, Kelvin’s Kindlounge to Maddy’s Curious Universe!

My good friend, Kelvin Hooper, has finally worn me down and joined us in the MCU! He is VERY excited to have a friendly home for the Kindlounge.

Apparently, his good friend, Mim, nagged him incessantly to add more to his previous blog, but he just didn’t feel that it was the right time in the cosmos of creativity. Kelvin appears on Mim and Nigel’s radio show on Mullabrook FM, and Mim firmly believes his simple wisdom is worth sharing. Frank, publican of The Mullabrook Hotel, fondly called the Mullet, does not. Nige decided he is sitting on the fence.

So, Mim asked if the MCU could help. Of course, we can! We have re-posted his original blogs to his own page, which you’ll find on the menu, and we all look forward to reading more kind and simple thoughts from Kelvin — surfer, dream-catcher maker, and good friend.