Make some Lavender Wands! Spring has sprung!

Apart from the hay fever, it’s lovely to see the garden beginning to bloom again after a long winter. Time to sit in the gentle sunshine and make Lavender Wands!

Lavender Wands

My daughter’s lavender is just the best. Long stems and dense flower heads are perfect for this lovely old-fashioned craft. All you need is a few stems, a metre of ribbon, and a little bit of patience. Once you get the hang of how to make these, you’ll be churning them out while you relax, enveloped in the scent of lavender!

Lavender wands

Charming old fashioned Lavender wands. Great to keep in drawers & linen press, or under your pillow to sleep well!
Active Time15 minutes
Course: Crafts from the garden, Gifts, Homemade
Keyword: from the garden
Author: Maddy Newman
Cost: 1


  • 1 metre Ribbon 0.5mm or 0 .6mm best to use; 0.3mm okay, just takes longer!
  • 20-30 stems Fresh cut lavender cut stems as long as you can


  • Pick lavender stems as long as you can. Some varieties longer than others. Remove any leaves on stems, keep aside for potpourri or lavender vinegar.
  • Group together an odd number of stems. I tend to use 11 stems in my wands for ease. Can use as many as 21 stems or even down to 9, dependent on how full the lavender head is. I like to stagger the heads to make a more even wand and taper to the top. Tie at base of flowers with a ribbon, leaving a tail as long as the flower heads plus about 20cm to tie off and make a bow at the end of the weave.
  • Gently squish the stems at the base of the flower heads with the back of a spoon, just enough to flatten the stem for about a centimetre. I use a bamboo crochet hook and gently roll it over the stem. Then hold the flower heads in your hand and work upside down, slowly bending each stem over to encase the flowers to create a "birdcage" around the flower heads.
    At this point, I trim my stems matching the shortest length to make it easier to weave the ribbon through.
    You should now have the flowers inside of the stems, the short ribbon tail in the centre of the stems and the long ribbon left outside, ready to weave.
  • Weave the long ribbon over and under each stem, with each round opposite the last to create the wand. The first 2 rows are a bit fiddly, but then it is easier to weave. Keep the ribbon taut as you weave, working the ribbon up to the last row as you go. It takes a little practice, but once you've made a couple of wands you'll get it. Tie off ribbon at base of flower heads, wrapping around the stems a couple of times first. Tie a bow if you like, or just fishtail the ends of the ribbon.
  • You can also continue down the stem to wrap the ribbon like a handle if you like. I just trim the stems off neatly.
    There's heaps of videos on the internet showing how to make these, watch a couple, and you'll get the idea.
    The lavender heads and stems will shrink slightly as they dry, squeeze the heads gently to release more scent. Add a couple of drops of essential Lavender oil to the top of the cage to refresh. They last for years!