Maddy’s Books icon stack & What three books would I bring if stranded on a desert island?

Hiya all,

One of my new readers emailed me the other day, asking what are the books in Maddy’s Books icon and to name three books I would want with me if I were stranded on a desert island.

My answer is the books in the bookstack, and maybe sneak in a copy of my stories too! Make that name four books!

Mums favourite books

*Mum’s favourite books: The Little Book of Calm, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone & The Lord of the Rings. By Max.

I asked my Max to design me a book stack I can use as an icon, and she could not have chosen the titles better! She knows her Ma very well… I have always read books. And made them, too, from a very young age. It is my escape from the world, a place where the imagination is free, a place where you can do anything, be anyone. Escapism? Yes, but I think that is vital for the human mind to escape the world and its worries into imagination, where dreams are made.

So why those three?

The Little Book of Calm – This book has sat by my bedside for a very long time. It’s corny, and it’s cute, and I guess it inspired the Kelvin in me as well. Who can forget that episode of Black Books when Manny eats the book? Hysterical!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – This book opened the door to the magical world of reading to so many folks and brings back great memories of Ant & I reading to Max when she was little, all cuddled up on her bed, such a magical time. I still read HP every night before bed. It is my wind down from the world and escape to the land of magic!

The Lord of the Rings – What an epic story, where, again, I escape to other lands of hobbits and elves, dragons and magic. The height of Adventure! This book has always been on my bookshelf, from a young child to now. Also, The Hobbit, as well.

I do love the movies too, but it will never beat the books for me.

What books would you bring to read on a desert island?

Love & happy reading,


Flowers by little Maddy
Flowers – by little Maddy.

*The Little Book of Calm – Paul Wilson

*Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling

*The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit – JRR Tolkien