Merry New Year

Hello readers,

People have all sorts of traditions around New Year. Here are a couple of things I like to do from my desk, to see the old year off and welcome the New Year with good thoughts.

3 little words:

I can’t remember where I learnt this simple method to motivate myself, it may have been a podcast …

Each year I pick three words, sometimes randomly, sometimes from the thesaurus, and write them on a note. I like to display it above my writing desk to inspire me, encourage me and centre my thoughts. Decorate the note however you like, or simply write the words on a post-it note, but I find it always helps to add a little glitter!

My 2021 words were: Do, Sparkle & Delight … 2022 words? Not sure yet, but will work on it tomorrow!!!

Gratitude box:

Once again, I can’t remember where I gleaned this idea from. A gratitude box is a simple way of noting good thoughts and literally seeing good accumulate. It can be anything you like – a glass jar, a special box. I use a clear chocolate box that I have embellished.

Throughout the year, I jot down thoughts, remembering special events or little things that happen that make me smile and I am grateful for. Some notes are as short as a word or two, some are like essays!

On New Years Eve or Day, I read back through them, sometimes with joy, sometimes tears. I write a note of Gratitude for the old year, and with my 3 little words, store them in an envelope in a hatbox. Then I write a new note with my new 3 little words, thoughts and aspirations for the coming year and pop them into the gratitude box, and we’re ready to go around the mulberry bush once again.

Bluebirds by Max
Bluebird of Happiness by Max

I hope this helps you start your new year in a good way. It certainly helps this little elf!!

With love and kindness,

Maddy x