To Do, to Be, to Have = Happiness

First published on Blogger 23.7.21

Hello again, my good friends. 

As I write this post, our sleepy little country town, Mullabrook, is in the midst of a state-wide lockdown because of the Covid virus. Being a small country town far from the city, none of the good people of Mullabrook thought we would have to go into a lockdown, but here we are. 

It is a strange time indeed, and at first, even I felt daunted and had trouble finding anything good to say about anything at all. 

Fortunately, the powers of authority allow for essential goods and services to continue to trade. The Mullet, our local pub, can trade from the bottle shop and also do food takeaway. So though we can’t sit at the bar to see our friends and have a beer and a feed, we can still see our friends in our cars in the queue, buy some beers, even order a schnitzel and chips, albeit while social distancing and not getting out of our cars, or actually eating and drinking until we get home, but still, pretty lucky methinks. 

Today, as I waited in the queue at The Mullet drive-through bottle shop, whining at my good friend Kevin that I couldn’t go for a surf for the third day in a row and was bored at home, I was reminded, quite loudly by Rosie – publican at the Mullet and a smart but scary lady – that complaining about having to stay at home and not go surfing is ridiculous and very self-absorbed. Write a To do list, she said, and do the things. Then you won’t be bored anymore.

I thought about that while I was sitting in the Ute waiting for my order, as the news came on the radio. Many, many people in the world were in a hell of a state; my self-indulgence vanished instantly, and gratitude replaced it. I am one of the lucky people to live in this wonderful place and be surrounded by this wonderful village and the best people in the world. 

So, to cut a long story short, I made that To Do list and put “lost podcast transcripts” right at the top. Sifting through Mim’s notes, I found this snippet and took a leaf out of my own book …

        To Do – Mim’s transcripts of podcasts.

        To Be – busy as there are so many of them. 

        To Have – happy thoughts remembering and be my best self. And not be bored anymore.


To Do, to Be, to Have = Happiness!

To do, to be, to have. Perpetual circular motion. In doing things that make you happy, you will be happier and you will have happiness! In being happy, you are likely to do more things that make you happy, and have even more happiness! In having happiness, you will want to do more of what makes you happy. Round and round we go…
Allow yourself to be your best self.

~transcript taken from Kelvin’s Kindlounge segment on MBFM.

Maybe I should write a To Do list for cleaning the house. Then again, no need to go overboard. 

Until next time, stay safe, my good friends. Round and round we go …

With Kindness,