Where has the podcast gone???

First published on Blogger 24.11.20

 Hello friends, 

My good friends at MBFM have just advised me that they have had their computers go bang, and the audio files for the Kindlounge segment on Mim and Nigel’s fabulous show are floating about with many of the stations’ other wonderful shows somewhere in the stratosphere! Imagine hearing our wonderful MBFM podcasts playing in outer space! Bonkers!!!

My good friend Marvin is trying hard to retrieve the files, so I am going to post a series of conversations we had talked about on the podcast, and perhaps, if the files never return to us from the stratosphere, we can revisit these thoughts and conversations all over again on another session of podcasts! What fun!

Remember, if you have lost something, all is not lost. Set it free. Take it as an opportunity. Leave behind that which is dragging you down. Do the thing all over again, and enjoy every moment of doing the thing even better the second time around! 

As my good friend Kev said to me just yesterday: 

Kelvin, if you bet on every horse in the race, you have to win.

With Kindness,